Colic is a general term describing a baby that is consistently unhappy. Primary symptoms include prolonged periods of cramping and crying, moaning and groaning, restless sleep, etc

Common Symptoms

The problem is generally due to one of three reasons:

  •  Stomach gas – usually due to difficulty in getting baby to burp regularly after feeds. As a result, gas builds up and causes discomfort and irritation. We teach mom a range of burping styles.
  • Intestinal gas – gas commonly builds up in the intestinal tract (position of the immature intestines – sort of like a hose pipe in a knot) or because milk formula is not being adequately digested resulting in excessive bloating and discomfort. We mobilise this gass and teach parents what to do so as to treat the cause as opposed to simply medicating.
  • Musculoskeletal faults – Some babies have a muscle spasm or kink in the spine because of birth trauma (forceps and suction delivery), womb position, etc. Ceasarian babies often have a degree of tension in the spine because they did not get ‘dekinked’ in the normal delivery process. We will thoroughly examine your babies spine and treat or advise on anything we may find.

While not all Chiropractors treat babies and some only consider the musculoskeletal faults, we take a special interest in colic.  Dr. candice Dugmore has a special interest in treating and caring for babies.

A  great website dedicated to helping parents learn what they can do to help:



Take thorough history and examine.
Based on findings, we will give you the best course of action to follow.
We generally treat babies on 3 visits over a period of 7-10 days. The vast majority experience significant relief or at least some degree of improvement.

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